For Huw




on the dull density

of that wide beach

Merthyr Mawr

part of my childhood existing

beyond memory

one black and white photo

slightly out of focus

like an old tattoo

bleeding back into the skin


the photo is proof

I sat smiling on that forlorn strand

in a car sculpted

by my father’s hand

perched in the front seat

triumphant yet again

over my younger twin

banished to the sand car’s

cramped dickie seat

resentment etched in his frown

us attended by the black and white border collie

not our dog




now as my young son sits

on the hot tropical sand

Noosa air thick as treacle

the day   as likely or not

recorded on multiple devices

remembered this time

I begin by burying his legs

with no great purpose

slowly I begin to sculpt

a car around him

other children join   I stack

them one behind the other

transform the car into a bus

six children stacked

legs buried in the sand

to the crowd’s delight

they wriggle and squirm

break free in an eruption





the continuum stretched halfway

across the world    halfway

across last century

my patrimony

in genes and memories

my hope you’ll be   like me

a better man than your father


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