I could (I suppose) have been there

but unlikely    the station was demolished

in 1966 comprehensively and insensitively

intones a history written by train buffs

I have visited the area many times

on my first the ground crunched

under my step in winter

through the fence across the hoar

on the way to a country pub for lunch

I read those Dannie Abse poems readily available

casually passing through a familiar landscape

then later in the novel I was re-reading *

a character takes his lover in hand

to that poem where nothing happens Adlestrop 

I think he’s got his Welsh poets mixed

not Edward Thomas but Abse

Not Adlestrop as I remember

then I see the linkage expressed

but not acknowledged and it all becomes clear

speeding down the Cotswold Line

from Oxfordshire to Gloucestershire

 *Sweet Tooth by Ian McEwan